Frequently Asked Questions 

Welcome, International Students! Please find below a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Who is considered an international applicant?

Any student who requires The Governor's Academy to send them an I-20 form.

What are the fees?

The 2019-2020 boarding tuition is $63,800 (for both American and international students) and the international application fee is $125.00.

Is there Financial Aid for international students?

Financial aid is primarily intended for students from the United States though limited funds may be available for international students. 

Does The Governor’s Academy admit international students for grade 12 or for a post graduate year?

No, we do not offer enrollment for students for grade 12 or for post graduate years. 

What applications does The Governor's Academy accept?

The Governor’s Academy accepts our own application, or applications from the following:

Gateway to Prep Schools



Is there an interview requirement and do I need to come to the campus?

The Governor’s Academy requires all students to interview either on campus or via Skype or Zoom. We do not require that a candidate visit our campus, but we encourage you to do so if possible to experience what we offer. 

Because of the increase we have seen in the number of Chinese applicants, Chinese students who cannot visit campus or cannot conduct a Skype interview before our Winter Holiday Break will need to conduct their Skype interview with Vericant rather than with a member of The Governor's Academy Office of Admission. Students may always elect to visit campus and conduct their interview here, and we will schedule Skype or Zoom interviews with a member of the Office of Admission until the start of our Winter Holiday Break. 

How do I schedule an interview? (For Chinese students)

Due to the increase in applications from China, The Governor's Academy has partnered with Vericant to assist in the interview process. If a student wants an on-campus interview, no prior Vericant interview is required. If a student is unable to visit campus, we will conduct Skype or Zoom interviews until our Winter Holiday Break. When Winter Holiday Break begins on Friday, December 14, 2018 and until our application deadline on February 1, 2019, Skype interviews with a member of the Governor’s Academy Office of Admission will no longer be granted. During this time, students must interview with Vericant instead of conducting a Skype interview with The Governor’s Academy. The Vericant interview satisfies the interview requirement for this particular group of applicants. A Vericant interview is not required if an applicant interviews with a member of The Governor’s Academy Office of Admission either on campus at any time or via Skype or Zoom before Friday, December 14, 2018.

Vericant will conduct interviews and facilitate short writing prompts. Please understand that Vericant does not evaluate candidates; instead they send all information to The Governor's Academy for assessment. Our Admission Office will review the completed Vericant interviews and writing samples.

To schedule an interview with The Governor’s Academy, please contact Ms. Tracey MacCormack by telephone at 978.499.3129.

You may schedule an interview with Vericant by clicking here

In order to meet The Governor's Academy January 31 application deadline, applicants must interview with Vericant no later than January 31. 

Do you have an ESL program or summer programs for international students?

No, The Governor's Academy does not offer a formal ESL program. We expect our admitted international students to be proficient in English speaking, writing and reading. The Governor’s Academy does not offer any academic summer programs.

What tests are international students required to take for their application?

We require all non-native English speaking applicants to take the TOEFL and SSAT exams. The TOEFL exam may be waived at the discretion of the Admission Office if the applicant has completed three consecutive years at a school that is instructed in English. Our School codes for reporting scores are 3466 for SSAT, and 8419 for TOEFL.

Do you have a minimum TOEFL score or SSAT score that an international applicant must produce?

We do not have a set minimum score that applicants must earn to be considered for admission but our average TOEFL score is 100 and our average SSAT score is 2150 for international students.

Do you accept a specific number of international students?

The Governor's Academy does not have a set quota of international students we accept for admission from year to year. Diversity is the main goal of the program and we accept international students from various countries, regions and cities throughout the world. 

When do international students need to leave the dormitories during the school year?

There are only three major vacations during the school year that students must leave campus: Thanksgiving break (November), Winter break (December/January), and Spring break (March.) Students must also vacate the campus in the summer but students can stay on campus for all long weekends and short holidays. The Governor's Academy can help with students who need a place to stay during the three long vacations by using our Host Parent Program if students cannot go home. The Governor's Academy also provides transportation to Logan International Airport in Boston, local bus stations and train stations for students who travel during the three major vacations.

For other questions...

Please contact the Office of Admission at 978.499.3120 or at

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