Student Life

At The Governor’s Academy, the challenge and opportunities of a quintessential New England boarding school merge with a warmth and openness to new ideas and new people that has always made us refreshingly different.

Motivated students from the Boston area, throughout the United States, and around the globe come together in a home away from home. Day and boarding students learn from each other and from our exceptional faculty as they form a unique synthesis of cultures and life experiences in the comfort of a small town setting.

Experiences in the classroom are complemented by extensive student activities, Student Government opportunities, and a balanced Afternoon Program of athletics, the arts, community service, and student publications. Students are able to take risks in a healthy atmosphere where every club and team welcomes new members, teachers encourage students to take classes and join activities outside their comfort zone, and everyone supports each other in any endeavor.

We are proud to have so many examples of students who have discovered new talents in this safe, accepting environment: top athletes who are passionate about the arts, artists who realize they love biology, math aficionados who tap into their leadership potential. At Governor’s, students find they can truly be themselves. 

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