Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

The Governor’s Academy, founded in 1763 on New England farmland, combines centuries of tradition with a dedication to educational innovation. Students flourish in a diverse community distinguished by enduring relationships with teachers and defined by a commitment to learning and a thoughtful balance of academics, athletics, arts and service to others. Academy graduates are life-long learners who embrace their civic duty and global responsibility.

Seven Essential Skills
Reflecting the goals of our mission statement, The Governor’s Academy ensures academic and co-curricular programs develop skills we believe to be essential for Governor’s graduates. The faculty is committed to preparing graduates to be able to:

1.     Think critically and solve problems.

2.      Collaborate effectively with other people to achieve common goals.

3.      Communicate effectively in written, oral, digital, and graphic formats.

4.      Be thoughtful and engaged readers.

5.      Access and analyze information.

6.      Adapt readily to new situations and information.

7.      Understand themselves as members of a larger community and act within a moral and ethical framework.

Details on these skills can be found here.

Non Sibi Sed Aliis

Our school motto, non sibi sed aliis, is Latin for “not for self but for others.” At Governor’s, we live that motto every day, from small kindnesses to environmental awareness to volunteer efforts. Service to the community has long been a tradition at the Academy, and today every student completes a minimum of 100 hours of community service before graduation.

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