Departments and Courses

The Governor's Academy offers more than 125 programs in six academic departments: English, mathematics, science, history and social studies, foreign language, and fine arts. Honors and Advanced Placement level courses are offered, including AP courses in biology, calculus AB, calculus BC, chemistry, computer science, economics, English language, English literature, European history, French, Latin, physics, Spanish literature, Spanish language, statistics, studio art and U.S. history. 

Course Designations consist of a course number and a descriptive title, such as MA21-22: Geometry. An odd number is generally offered only in the FALL semester, even numbers in the SPRING semester. A course with a single number, such as HS37: Post War America, is a complete course in one semester. A two-number course, such as SC21-22: Biology, is a year-long course requiring enrollment in both semesters. All courses listed in these pages are MAJOR courses (two semester = 1.0 credit; one semester = 0.5 credit) unless designated as MINOR courses (0.25 credit per semester).

2019-2020 Curriculum Guide 

2018-2019 Curriculum Guide

Academic Schedule


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