The Governor’s Academy provides students with extensive technological resources, including computer-equipped classrooms with ceiling-mounted projectors, live course web pages based on the Veracross platforms, enterprise-class email accessible both locally and remotely, and campus-wide Internet access. The Academy has an outstanding network infrastructure, consisting of a gigabit fiber-optic backbone and 200 Mbps of Internet bandwidth. During the summer of 2013, we completed an expansion of wireless access from academic spaces to all dormitories and most public areas. All students also have access to the campus network via Ethernet jacks found in all dorm rooms, the library, all classrooms, and the Student Center.

Our teachers are excited about using technology, and are encouraged to find and try new ways to augment and transform learning. All teachers have a convertible laptop that is provided and supported by the school, and most bring their computer to classes on a regular basis. The Academy requires every student to come to school with a laptop computer that meets a minimum set of requirements. Students will not necessarily need their laptop in every class every day, but they will need to be able to bring it when requested by a teacher. This program will expand the possibilities for teachers looking to do more in class with technology and will help students recognize the educational value of their personal laptops. For more details, please read about our system requirements and a FAQ about our BYOD program, here.

During our Unity Days weekend, all freshmen and new students receive an introduction to the resources and systems used by the Academy. The introduction includes information on using dorm room Internet access, email, course web pages, personal storage, and other information. Throughout the year, students then learn about researching using online databases, and completing projects using technology and tools. We also introduce our expectation that as students use technology, they will do so in ways that are lawful and ethical, as well as responsible and courteous. For more details, please read our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

For more information on technology at The Governor's Academy, email the Technology Department or contact Aaron Mandel, Director of Information Technology, at 978.499.3219; or Greg Waldman, Associate Director of Technology, at 978.499.3116.

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