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Our Admission Staff looks forward to meeting you and answering your questions about The Governor's Academy. We are committed to getting to know each and every student who expresses an interest in our school. And we want you to get to know us - by visiting, asking questions, reading about us and looking at our website. Everyone on our staff is here because we like working with adolescents and their families. We understand the challenges and joys that face students and families during the teenage years, and we want to help make the decision about secondary school a productive and satisfying experience.

Michael J. Kinnealey, Director of Admission, Associate Director of Financial Aid
Middlebury College BA
Harvard University EdM
Appointed 2009

"It is a pleasure to work at a school that balances so well the rigor of a challenging academic curriculum with a focus on the needs of individual students. I am struck that my first impression as I walked on campus remains the most lasting one; this is a school where smiles and laughter are plentiful even as we work hard to become the best students and citizens that we can."

Victoria Bernier, Associate Director of Admission
Haverford College BA
Appointed 2018

"Since I have started, I've been repeatedly impressed with the well-rounded background and good nature of the Governor's student body. Students set high standards for themselves in academics, athletics, and the arts but also take the time to step outside their initial areas of interest that they listed on their application. Therefore, our campus is alive with the honing of skills and the exploration of new fields. It’s a great place for kids to grow into young adults while preparing for what’s next."

James Cramphin, Associate Director of Admission
Brown University BA
Appointed 2019

Samantha J. Howson, Associate Director of Admission
Franklin & Marshall College AB
Appointed 1997

"When I first started working at The Governor's Academy just out of college, I was struck by how friendly and welcoming the students were. They seemed to go out of their way to welcome me as a new faculty member. Year after year, I see our students reach out to new students and faculty alike, welcoming them into the family. Our students are also wildly talented in so many areas of school life. There is an energy around campus whether it's a great science experiment, an athletic competition, or the winter musical, our students are committed to doing their best. Now, I am able to see Governor's from a different vantage point, as my step-son is in his junior year. He has truly made lifelong friendships and his teachers have pushed him. It's been a wonderful experience to see how this community has shaped him into the young man he has become. Our strength as a school is looking at students as individuals and expanding their interests while allowing them to pursue their passions."

Raymond Long '96, Associate Director of Admission, Director of Financial Aid
Dartmouth College BA
Appointed September 2005

"I feel fortunate to be living out my dream of working at The Governor’s Academy. When I graduated in 1996, I hoped to come back and teach some day. I was lucky enough to join the Math Department and taught in the classroom for 5 years. I enjoy my position in Admissions as it allows me to travel to talk about the Academy and all of our great programs."

Tracey MacCormack '81, P'13, '16 Assistant to the Director of Admission
Lake Forest College BA
Appointed July 2003

"As an alumna and the mother of two graduates, I have an emotional attachment to The Governor’s Academy. It is this very connection and the abiding loyalty I feel to the school that offers me a unique perspective; allowing me to speak with potential candidates and their families from the heart about how, and why, it continues to remain an important part of my life today."

Michael Shelton, Associate Director of Admission
Southern Connecticut State University, B.S.
Appointed 2018

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work at a place that has an intentional focus on fostering a balanced environment where our scholars can excel across a variety of platforms. The energy, excitement, and growth that happens daily on our campus is palpable the moment you arrive and engage with the student body."

Mary Beth Walsh, Admission Office Assistant
Emerson College BFA
Emerson College MA
Appointed 2018

"Once you become a part of the Governor’s family, it truly becomes a part of you. I feel fortunate to be a member of this vibrant community and thoroughly believe it offers our students a rigorous yet dynamic curriculum, rooted in the essential skills necessary for successful global citizenship. The vibe I felt the first time I visited campus as a prospective parent is what I think is at the heart of what makes Govs, Govs. It radiates from the classrooms, the creative spaces, the athletic fields, and especially from the students themselves; it is the promise of possibility."

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