Community Service

Non sibi sed allis

Our school motto --"not for self, but for others"-- defines an integral part of the Academy experience. For many students, the sense of fulfillment they earn from helping others and giving of themselves encourages them to remain civic-minded and community-oriented throughout their lives.

Graduation Requirement

Students are required to complete 100 hours of community service in order to graduate. 40% of that time (or 40 hours) can be met by working for Special Olympics. Students can begin accruing hours for Special Olympics from their ninth grade year on. Students are responsible for completing the remaining hours on their own. Options are endless: volunteer at a hospital, work in a shelter, serve dinner at a food kitchen... Ideally students will choose to do something that gets them out of their comfort zone. Students must keep track of their hours and have their work and hours documented on official letterhead of that organization and signed by a supervisor.

Special Olympics

Each year, The Governor's Academy hosts the Massachusetts Special Olympics Fall Soccer Tournament. During the games, more than 1,000 athletes, representing more than 100 teams from across the state, gather to compete in a series of round-robin soccer matches. As hosts of the event, Academy students are responsible for arranging the opening ceremonies, running "Olympic Town," organizing public relations activities, registering athletes, feeding participants and overseeing the competitions. Hundreds of students and faculty repeatedly volunteer for this memorable event.

Red Cross

The Governor's Academy also sponsors two American Red Cross Blood Drives each year, in November and late February. Students organize, publicize, and help run each drive.

For more information about community service at The Governor's Academy, contact Karen Gold by email or at 978.499.3231.

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