1. What are the Academy’s Afternoon Program requirements?

Every student is required to be a part of the Afternoon Program for all three seasons. There are various requirements based on year in school. The requirements are as follows:

Ninth Grade:

  • Fall season - any team or interscholastic team program
  • Two team activities
  • At least one interscholastic team activity
  • One season - choice of all programs offered
  • May not act as a manager for an interscholastic team
  • May not participate in a recreational program

Sophomore Year:

  • Two team activities
  • At least one interscholastic team program
  • One season - choice of all programs offered
  • May not participate in a recreational program

Junior Year:

  • No interscholastic requirement
  • Allowed one special activity

Senior Year:

  • No interscholastic requirement
  • Allowed one special activity

2. What is the difference between a team and interscholastic team and an activity?

A team is any program in which the participants and coaches/supervisor work together as a group to achieve a common goal.

An interscholastic team is any team that competes against other schools/clubs, etc.

An activity is any program in which the participants are not working towards a common goal but rather working primarily towards individual goals.

3. Is The Governor's Academy an athletic school?

The Governor's Academy prides itself on the many successes of its teams whether they be on the scoreboard or evidenced by less tangible accomplishments such as character and moral development.

4. What if I’m really into Drama or Community Service?

The Governor's Academy also prides itself on the tremendous lessons learned in these arenas as well as the athletic arena. Many students participate in the remarkable drama productions put on in its outstanding facility. In addition, many of our students are active believers in our school’s motto, non sibi sed aliis, not for self but for others; consequently, we foster an active community service program.

5. What is The Governor's Academy policy on tryouts and cuts?

The Governor's Academy offers a tryout period for all of its varsity teams. The school’s competitive varsity programs make cuts. However, there is always a junior varsity and frequently a thirds team, when numbers warrant, on which student-athletes play and compete.

6. Can I play sports outside The Governor's Academy?

Some elite athletes play on teams outside of The Governor's Academy, in sports like snowboarding, skiing, figure skating and equestrian. However, it is important to recognize that the rigorous academic and athletic schedule limits available time. The student’s number one commitment must be to The Governor's Academy. Students should not expect to be excused from commitments in order to participate in any athletic activity outside of the school.

Should an athlete wish to receive a special activity exception, he or she must contact the director of athletics prior to the season in which he or she wishes to compete.

7. Do teams travel?

Yes, teams travel regularly between half an hour and two hours for games during the season. In addition, when teams advance to New England championships, they frequently travel farther. Our teams also travel to holiday tournaments. Some teams travel during the summer and over March Break in order to prepare for the upcoming seasons. These trips are never mandatory.

8. How does The Governor's Academy coaching staff help those athletes who wish to play sports at the NCAA Division I, II or III levels?


Many of our graduates continue to play competitive sports on NCAA Division I, II and III teams. In fact, our recent graduates have played on National Championship teams in sports like ice hockey and lacrosse. Our coaches work closely with individuals who are interested in continuing to play sports at the collegiate level.


9. What league does The Governor's Academy compete in?


The Governor's Academy is a member of the sixteen-team Independent School League (ISL), arguably one of the most competitive prep leagues in the nation. The Governors enjoy many spirited rivalries with ISL members Belmont Hill, Brooks, BB&N, Groton, Lawrence, Middlesex, Milton, Nobles, Rivers, Roxbury Latin, St. George's, St. Mark’s, St. Sebastian's, Tabor, and Thayer.


10. Does The Governor's Academy accept post-graduate players (PGs)?


No. There are no PGs at The Governor's Academy or at any other ISL school.


11. Does The Governor's Academy offer athletic scholarships?


While there is financial aid for students who qualify, The Governor's Academy does not offer athletic scholarships.


12. Do The Governor's Academy coaches provide written comments about players?


Yes. Coaches write comments just as teachers, dorm parents and advisors do.


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